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Belleville has been a vibrant community for over 250 years, and is a wonderful place to live. It is 20 minutes from New York City, 40 minutes from the Jersey Shore (the beach), and 60 minutes from the Delaware Water Gap.

It has a rich history including the American Revolution’s Battle of Second River , the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and  more Cherry Blossom trees than Washington DC. It has gone through its ups and downs over those years, however we are still proud to call it home.

Over the last 12 years, Belleville has gone through a renaissance.  Although we believe Belleville is still a good community, there are always issues that need to be addressed.

This site will offer Belleville residents a place to go to find out about community issues from a concerned coalition of residents, local business owners, teachers, workers, and parents.


Due to the sheer number of issues impacting the residents of Belleville, I decided to create a prominent link on the main menu to this issue campaign. In the weeks ahead I’ll be making some changes and tweaks to the site navigation, but this seemed like a logical first step.

For the sake of keeping our growing organizational structure clear, the individuals and coalitions behind this particular issue campaign will now be referred to collectively as “The Belleville Watch”.

Belleville represents everything that inspired me to create in the first place – a great town full of hardworking people, mired in issues that the people feel powerless to stop.

We are anything but powerless. We will continue to demonstrate that an informed public has all the power it needs to stimulate change.

~ Griff





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